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Techno · Percussion · Beat
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Techno · Drums · Percussion
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Techno · Percussion · Beat


Elias Segujja is best known for his bombastic, grandiose and catchy approach to electronic music production. He has had great success both as a solo act and in collaboration with several prominent artists such as Elias Bousnina, Louis Samson, Jeuru, and the Canadian Pop-duo Neon Dreams. Elias Segujja has an ability to hypnotize his listeners with his unique bounce and inventive melodies. He moves between genres with great confidence, exploring everything from future R&B and Hip Hop, to pulsating up-tempo rhythms with Dancehall drums. His soft keys and electronic synths create a serious atmosphere, and he always adds a coherent vibe to the productions, matching the theme of the given song. His sound brings to mind major American producers such as Kaytranada, Cashmere Cat and Sam Gellaitry.

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